In-Plant Multiphase Piping Fluid Flow Software

  • Using Microsoft Windows.
  • Problem setup via in-screen CAE system (Graphic Object Editing).
  • Define a problem by:
    • DRAWING piping system with mouse;
    • Data entry and editing via pop-up DIALOG BOX;

    You get the answer as fast as you can define the problem.

  • English and Metric unit automatic conversion.
  • Solves pipe or conduit system hydraulics and flow distribution.
    This program can handle single piping Run, Branches, Tree Network, Loops and/or combinations.
  • Driving force of fluid flow can be due to either the change in elevations (gravity flow) or the presence of pumps, blowers, or compressors (forced flow).
  • Potential Application Areas:
    • Natural Gas Transmission/Compressor Station
    • Water Distribution Network System
    • Process Plants, Power Plants, Utility Piping Systems
    • (Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Steam, Air, Inert Gas)
    • Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Nuclear
      Great for Engineering Professions or Schools

  • Program includes standard pipe sizes, schedules, flow coefficient K for fittings, valves, and flow elements automatically. Program can also accept user-specified values to override built-in values.
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Pipe pressure drop : Darcy's equation
    • Friction factor: Moody's chart/Colebrook (turbulent); 64/Re (laminar)
    • Flow Resistance Coefficients:
    • Fittings, Valves, Orifices, Nozzles: Standard (2-K method)/Override
    • Heater, Air Cooler, Heat Exchanger, Custom Item: User-Supplied K
    • Incompressible Newtonian Flow/Isothermal Compressible Flow
    • Single-Phase (Gas or Liquid) and gas-liquid Two-Phase flows
    • Steady State
    • Generates LineTable and Equipment Data Sheets.

  • System requirements:
    • IBM PC or compatible, Pentium processor.
    • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP.


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